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Legal Services (Our Expertise)

We represent individuals as well as corporations in both criminal & civil lawsuits throughout the State of New York. Our Attorneys focus on criminal law, Personal Injury, contracts law, family law, divorce, landlord tenant, debt settlement, bankruptcy, residential real estate closings, commercial real estate closings, condos & coops, refinances, loan modifications, short sale negotiations, foreclosure defense, bank closings, trademarks & shareholders agreements.

At our firm, we offer our prospective clients a free initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. During your initial consultation, our experienced lawyers will advise you about all relevant law pertaining to your case as well as formulate an effective strategy.

Take the first step in resolving your legal issues by contacting the Law Offices of Elio Forcina, to schedule your free initial consultation.


We experience dealing in courts throughout the five boroughs and Long Island. We currently represent clients in all forms of bankruptcy litigation. We deal with insolvency matters, liens, foreclosures, loans, collections, and any other matters that may arise under state and federal laws. We represent different types of clients, consisting of individuals, small businesses, and corporations.



Personal Injury


We are well equipped to represent accident victims in all types of cases. We have worked on some of the most complex personal injury cases as well as the most simple and common. We are especially dedicated in providing our clients with spectacular service and advanced legal representation. Our main objective is to ensure that we can win your case. We are aggressive and enthusiastic in pursuit of achieving the goals that our clients come to us with.


Criminal Law

We are a full services criminal defense firm. The practice areas we commonly handle are drug charges, violent crimes, domestic violence, property crimes, all types of misdemeanors, all types of felonies, sentencing and appeals. We have attorneys licensed in both state and federal courts in the State of New York. We are confident that we can handle your case regardless of the criminal charges you may be facing

Foreclosure Defense

In a short sale transaction, an individual may find the need to sell his home for less than they owe on their mortgage. Such transactions may be time consuming and complex. Elio Forcina has the knowledge and expertise to assist both buyers and sellers in negotiating a short sale.

Contract Litigation

We are highly experienced in dealing with all types of contracts. Such contracts may range from commercial leases to promissory notes and sales agreements. We also review contracts in order to ensure that they adequately protect you. We are able to assist you in all types of contract disputes as well. If you feel that someone has breached a contract with you, we can help. If you have a general question regarding a contract you have entered into, we can help.

Loan Modifications

Are you unhappy with your current mortgage loan? Elio Forcina, Attorney at law, is dedicated in making your objective a reality. Allow us to negotiate with your lender and restructure your existing loan. Our experience and expertise will help you get the loan you truly want!

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